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Numerology Courses In Delhi

Numerology Course Delhi Online
Numerology Courses In Delhi

Uncover Your Life Purpose With Numerology. Become a Professional Numerologist By Joining Certified Courses.
Numerology Courses In Running. Registration Open for One to One Video Classes or In person Classes.

Certification From Monica Agarwal – Divine Centre Founder and International Numerologist.
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Numbers play an important role in our daily lives. We are all under the influence of numbers through our names, addresses, time, money, addresses, telephones, keyboards, tapes, security numbers, bank accounts, elevators etc. Living without numbers is very difficult for human beings. Though the effect these numbers have on us cannot be seen or felt by us, these numbers do have an enormous effect on our lives, that’s the theory behind Numerology.

Numerology, as the name denotes, is the prediction of the future of the human beings using numbers. It is believed that each number has a meaning of its own and has its own influences on people.
Using the practical application of the elementary laws of mathematics to the material existence of man,

Numerology helps us to have a glimpse of our future. It is similar to Astrology but is easier than the latter. Numerology uses numbers to denote objects which influence people in the universe while Astrology uses the objects itself such as the sun, the moon and the planets which influence the life of human beings significantly.

Numerology deals with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Mars which are denoted by numbers from 1 to 9 respectively. The date of birth of the person and his name is used to calculate the numerological influence on a person. It is also said that the influence of numbers changes from time to time.

Course Duration

7 Days *1.5 Hrs Each Day

Pre Booking Needed

Whats app for Booking : 8826826749 / 9319829446

Tarot & Numerology Courses

Coffee Cup Reading Course In Delhi

At Divine Centre – PTS We Focus On Quality and Content considering this in Mind We have Designed the Best Courses Globally which are Available Online as Well as Offline On One to one Basis or Small Groups.

We Maintain the High Standards and in any case do not compromise on quality and time which a student needs to be groomed. we only use authentic teaching methods and do not exaggerate things for commercial purpose.

Monica Agarwal is Internationally World Renowned Spiritual Trainer , Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Coffee Reader who has solid Background of MBA Education and Corporate Experience at Senior Level. She has Been gifted by Intuitive Powers and Psychic Energies.

Tarot Courses : We have Designed From Reading Courses to Combination of Contents at Professional Level Which Focus On Total Detailed Professional Learnings. One can Choose as per Requirement

Numerology Course : Detailed Numerology Course is Available With us

Coffee Reading and Tea Leaf Reading Courses

For Detail Content Visit : / services sections and detail course sections

Coffee Cup Reader Monica Agarwal Delhi
Tarot Card Reader Tarot Reading Courses Tarot Courses

pick a card – November 2019 – tarot predictions – love readings

To Book Personal Tarot Card Readings , Numerology , Runes Reading , Coffee Cup Readings and Courses

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Time Stamps Pile 1 – 2.12 Pile 2 – 6.55 Pile 3- 11.22

Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use an ancient deck of cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. Psychics and fortune tellers have used Tarot cards for hundreds of years

My Readings are General Readings may or may not fit you. For personal readings it is advisable to book paid sessions. #hinditarotreadings#Whenwillyougetoregnant#mysticalhinditarotreadings

Tarot Mini Lessons – ELLIPSE TAROT Spread

Ellipse Tarot Spread

Invest In Your Dream Career and Learn From Best Methods and Best Content. While Choosing a Course it is Important One Should Focus on Content and Quality. Join Our Tarot , Numerology, Runes , Coffee Cup Reading Courses Now Inperson (At Vaishali Center )or Video Classes (at comfort of your home anywhere in world )

Monica Agarwal Celebrity Spiritual Guide and Trainer

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A Tarot spread for direct questions You could try this seven card spread as a variation that answers direct questions well – it’s called an Ellipse Spread:

Card 1: Past influences now having bearing on the situation

Card 2: Now – the influences surrounding you at the minute

Card 3: Future influence having bearing

Card 4: What to do

Card 5: External influences having bearing

Card 6: Hopes and fears

Card 7: Final outcome of this situation.

Tarot Card Reading Courses
Tarot Card Reading Courses

Tarot MiNI lessons – mirror spread

Mirror Spread Explain – How to Read

Students Learning Courses From All Over the World Inperson or Online Video Classes From Celebrity Tarot Reader and International Reiki Grandmaster Monica Agarwal

Reiki Trainings , Tarot Courses , Coffee Cup Reading Courses , Numerology Courses, Spell Casting and Much More

To Book Your Class Whats app : 8826826749 9319829446

The Mirror Spread of the Tarot is a very effective tool for gaining insight into problems or difficulties concerning relationships. Though typically used for established relationships, this Tarot spread can also be consulted for budding romances.

Eight cards should be selected and placed face-up on the black cloth, making sure that each card is placed precisely. The more precise the placement, the more accurate the reading. Reading the Mirror Spread Each of the eight positions of the Mirror Spread has a specific meaning. Often this spread will reveal inconsistencies between two mirrored cards.

This usually indicates a need to reevaluate a particular point of view. The positions and their meanings are:

The Individual: This card represents the person who is the focus of the reading. This could be you or someone else, depending on who you focused on during the preparation phase of the reading.

Your View: This card indicates the way you see the other person in the relationship.

Their View: This card reveals how that person sees themselves.

Inner Meaning: This card represents what the other person means to you.

Reversed Meaning: This card indicates what you mean to the other person.

Obstacles: This card reveals possible obstacles within the relationship. Sometimes this card will appear to be positive, but look beneath the surface for its true meaning.

Strengths: This card represents the strengths of the relationship.

Final Outcome: This card indicates the probable outcome provided circumstances stay as they are. This card can be changed simply by disrupting the status quo. This change could be either positive or negative

Tarot Card Reading Advance Course Delhi

tarot card reading courses

To Book Tarot Card Reading Basic Course

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Tarot Basic Course is For Those Who Are Attracted Towards Tarot Cards, Mystical World & is First Step to enter into mystical world of tarot. This Course Aims at Learning Tarot for Self, Giving Short Readings and Daily Readings for Self and Others. The card we use while teaching is Rider Waite – Traditional and oldest card. This Course is Available At Vaishali, Near Anand Vihar Delhi Location if you want to do In person.

People from all over India Comes to join this course. In case You Cannot Travel, this is also available at skype classes, home study classes for beginners.

what is Tarot Card Reading? Tarot is western ancient forms of fortune telling known to world. A Tarot deck is a deck of cards, usually 78 cards, that is used by someone who is skilled in the reading of them. Depending on the type of reading that you are wanting to have, the Reader will consult the cards to show them what you are needing to know. Tarot cards have been around since the 15th century and are still one of the worlds most common ways of divining into the future.

Course Duration 3 – 5 Days – 2-3 Hours Each Day – Depending on Person to Person Grasping and Learning Ability.

Course Content

History of Tarot

Science of Tarot

Scope of Tarot

Major Arcana Cards Study

Minor Arcana Cards Study

Attunement to Cards

Attunement to open Psychic Power Center


Celtic Cross Spread

One Card Yes or No Reading

Three Cards Reading

Five Cards Reading

Storing Your Cards Cleansing Your Cards

Charging Your Cards

Client Sitting Arrangement

Decorating Tarot Table And Generating Energis, Practical Live Reading Practice

Complimentary Kit Included Rider Waite Tarot Deck, Spread Cloth (Depending On Availability), My Clear Bag, Notebook, Pen, Certificate

Pre-Booking of Course Required – Minimum 7-10 Days In Advance

Workshops / Classes / Batches Every Month

Tarot Card Reading Courses In Delhi
Tarot Card Reading Courses

Guided Meditation for Beginners

When we plan to start meditation biggest hurdle is concentration thats a reason most of beginners do not continue with meditation Monica Agarwal has taught a 10 mins daily meditation to start with and explain how to develop concentration power.

We always need some one or support to start new things in life. it is never too late so lets start the meditation process with Monica Agarwal. Try this out for few days and slowly you can increase the time. You can Also Join our regular life coaching sessions to improve quality of Life and bring in Positivity.

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Reiki Training Center In Delhi
Reiki Training Center In Delhi


1. Silent Space

2. Candles Dim Light and Any Mantra or music

3. Om chanting

4. Aulomvilom

5. Concentrate on breathing

6. White light flow

7. Purple bubble cover aura

8. Open the meditation #hindimeditation#guidedmeditation


Pick A Card Reading By Monica Agarwal Celebrity Tarot Reader

This mystical Tarot reading allows you to focus deeply on a wish and choose a Tarot card from the deck. The card will reveal the likely outcome of your wish! This Reading is Basically Focused On Whether your marriage will be Love or Arrange or Mixture of Both and how would be your future Spouse. Its also Indicates If there are some warnings or things to be kept in Mind.

Tarot card reading is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards.

Tarot Card Reading In Delhi
Tarot Card Reading Sessions

To Book Consultations or online or in person courses, workshops and classes

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This is General Reading May or May not Fit you pls book personal reading for details. #pickacardtarotreading#loveorarrangemarriage#tarotcardreader

Aura Cleaning Process By Reiki

Reiki is powerful way of cleaning aura learn from Monica Agarwal how to clean your aura from reiki first degree to reiki grandmaster level all the process is been explained step by step. remember you need to be attuned to reiki levels for this

To Book Consultations or online or inperson courses, workshops and classes Monica Agarwal 8826826749 9319829446 Like us on Follow us on Charging water with reiki Distant reiki process of charging water How to draw reiki symbols What is Aura and How Can we see Aura ? How to clean Aura with and without reiki Reiki for grounding What you will learn in reiki first degree ? Reiki for back pain and cervical etc Reiki dwara cord cutting kaise karein Reiki dwara rishton ko majboot kaise karein Reiki for financial growth