Cleansing Negative Vibrations From Your Home Or Office

Clean Your Home From Negative Vibrations
As we all know energy do exists and so do the vibes. Your home might carry some vibes of people living there previously, or may be of the workers who work during the construction, or tenants or simple of guest etc who visits your home.
It becomes very necessary to clean your home of unwanted vibes which might create serious troubles for family health, finances or etc.
One very effective way is Reiki, but till you plan to learn reiki, i would like to share some very effective tips with you so that you can use and see the environment of your home changing for positivity.

Rock Salt: 
Try to use rock salt in water when you clean floors. This will wipe of negativity form home.

Brass Camphor Lamp:
Burning brass camphor lamp which is available with any Reiki Grand-master is one of the most effective way we recommend. It will not only burn nativities but also removes as high as black magic vibes and clean your home.
Reiki Magic-Brass Camphor Lamp-Delhi-Ncr-Pan India-Onilne

Crystal Amethyst: 
Keep crystals amethyst and tumble mixed charged by a reiki healer in your living room which cleans the vibes of people who carry with them in your house and protect your home.

Crystal Pyramid: 
Get a crystal pyramid and charge it with reiki and put your home map drawn on white paper which will protect your home from nativities.

Don’t worry, just ask the solution and Tarot Reader will suggest you suitable solutions.  Remember if there is a problem there is a problem exists without a solution.
Crystal Tree :
Cystal Bird Original Tree Buy Online
Our Special Spiritually Energised crystal Trees are one of Effective way to clean your home and office from negative vibes and create positivity around. this tree is imported and has all crystals tested and selected and than charged with spiritual powers and mantras. this is not a normal tree available anywhere else. to buy one you can contact us.
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