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Introduction to Coffee Cup Reading Online

Coffee Cup Reading is An art originated from Turkey. Some says it is china but originally it is from turkey. In early times in Turkey people use to read each other cup as a pastime until occultist discover it as a spiritual and prediction making tool.

Monica Agarwal is Authentic Pioneer Coffee Cup Reader and One of the First one to Introduce it In India. She teaches Authentic Coffee Reading Art which also includes Attunement to read the coffee cups.

Monica Agarwal is First One to Launch Book On Coffee Cup Reading In india Which is Available to Buy on Amazon. All Content is Copyrighted and first generated by Her.

She has All International Clientage for coffee cup reading and other courses and readings. one of biggest client she has handled was DR. Ref Wayne From South Africa – Founder of Pipcoin for Whom she has done Coffee Cup Reading and His Feedback is also recorded in Video.

DR Ref Wayne Feedback – Coffee Cup Reading – By Monica Agarwal

To Book An Online Reading or Course Appointment

We Do Run Coffee Cup Reading Authentic Courses Online Via Google Meet or FaceTime. we also encourage students who are looking for authentic courses and are focused on quality learning rather than prices as our all course are high quality.

Coffee Cup Reading Courses Online

This is Most and Only Authentic Course Launched By Us First. Please Beware of Copycats and Fake People. we will not be responsible for someone claiming this content and not teaching well.

1. Introduction to Coffee Cup ReadingWhat is Coffee Cup ReadingScience behind Coffee Cup ReadingHow does it workBenefit of Coffee Cup ReadingWho can learnScope of Coffee Cup Reading

2. History of Coffee Cup Reading History of Coffee cup readingEarly development of Coffee Cup Reading Modern changes in coffee cup reading 

3. Preparation of Coffee About Turkish Coffee About Turkish Coffee Pot How to prepare Coffee Blend How to prepare Coffee How to serve 

4. Training Mind for Coffee Cup Reading Aana Pana SatiBindu Gazing3D GazingInk Symbol ImaginationThough Projection on Dotted DiagramThought Projection on Dry Coffee GroundThought Projection on Coffee Cup

5. Study of SymbolsFinding symbol on Coffee cupUnderstanding the meaning of symbolsAssociation of symbols with questionPrediction

6. A to Z Symbols Directory A to Z Study of Symbols and their meaning Creating own Symbols Creating own Meaning Association with question Accuracy in prediction 

7. Things to Remember Before ReadingDuring ReadingPost Reading

8. Prayer and Dedication to Divine 

9. Practical Reading

Duration – One Week.

What is Coffee Cup Reading
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More About Coffee Cup Reading Science

Today, among all tasseography styles, Turkish coffee readings stand out because they paint the panorama of the coffee drinker’s life in greatest detail, thanks to many known and personal-to-the-reader Turkish coffee reading symbols. 

In a coffee cup reading, the psychic advisor interprets the residual coffee grounds in the cup and on the saucer. This is possible because Turkish coffee leaves a thick, muddy remainder at the bottom of the cup. 

After the client is finished drinking, the reader swirls the cup, makes a prayer, and turns it upside down on the saucer. There’s a waiting period, during which portions of the remaining grounds fall down on the saucer. They leave patterns on the surface of the cup, and create new patterns on the saucer. 

The images and shapes created in the coffee grounds provide information about the client. Loved ones’ and related person’s initial letters, scenes of importance, effects of the past, the path to the future, the energy of people involved, are all there for the discerning psychic reader to see. 

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