Coffee Cup Reading With Monica Agrawal- Fortune In Your Coffee Cup


Fortune in Your Coffee Cup With Monica Agrawal
Fortune in Your Coffee Cup With Monica Agrawal

Coffee Cup Reading is an art of predicting past, present & future from coffee left in the cup after drinking. It is a psychic technique of predictions which is based on symbology plus some ancient rituals to be done before reading the coffee cup.

Monica is internationally renowned coffee cup reader, tea  leaf reader & wine cup reader. people from all over India comes to get their reading done by her. She has been doing it from many years and known for her amazing accuracy in the reading ?


Sounds Interesting ? while  one hand you sip your tasty Turkish coffee specially prepared by the reader, on the other hand get insights on your past, present and future. 

Its origin Lies in ancient China, Turkey & Western Countries. Specially Turkish Coffee with Way of blending is been used in the same. It is important to have an accurate reading and insights that you sip your cup into a relaxing environment and also followed by a proper ritual which a reader will take you into. Coffee Cup is focused on seeker subconscious mind who sips the coffee. it is believed that our subconscious minds hold all the information which we want to know and reader has a power to interpret the energies transfered into the cup.  Certainly there are some techniques which need to be known before doing so.


There are several variations of coffee reading. some readers divide cup into the sections and can read upto 12 months of predictions from the cup. some can also give yes and no answers. things to keep in mind while going for a session :

Please select an authentic reader, In India very few readers are there who are actually trained in proper technique.T

Try to be more specific in your questions. take a readers help as reader can tell what can be answered from cup or not.

From Cup you are drinking coffee, only your predictions can be done, other than would not be a coffee reading, a simple intuitive readings, hence if you want to experience coffee reading, ask reader to give you proper coffee reading.

It is more of a relaxing and interesting session, go with open heart and open mind with full trust.


Monica During an Individual Session with Client

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