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I am Sharing my Interview published with one Online magazine.  Added the content which has recently published in one of print magazine.

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Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Life Coach

Reporter: Please share something about yourself.


I am a Spiritualist, Reiki GrandMaster, Tarot Reader, Coffee Reader, Rune Reader, Angel Therapist, Numerologist and Trained In Many Spiritual Techniques.  By EducationI Am MBA From NMIMS Bombay and has spent my almost 17+ years in HR Management. I have been practicing meditation and spiritualism for more than 15 years now, and I adopted spiritualism full time around more than ten years back. I am Optimistic and believes in working as per intuition guides. Right now I have dedicated myself completely to Spiritual field and my soul purpose is to help as many people as I can within remaining into my honest and spiritual guidelines.

Reporter: You worked around a decade with corporate sector in human resource and training, What made you decide to shift spirituality? From how long are you practicing spiritualism?


From the college time, I used to meditate, dance, have nature walk and always find peace spending time in nature, reading lots of books on each and every topic (even I have a complete library of books right now also). Even when I used to study, I like most studying on terrace in open air. I was morning  riser and love studying early in the morning.  So spiritualism was in my soul right from the beginning.  It was  gift which helps in intuitively having a strong sense of right and wrong. But as it said you need polishing along with GOD gifted powers, so my journey begin  in 2007 when I learned Basic course of ART of Living, Than Practiced Yoga ,  & then I came into Reiki ,  It was never planned from my side but yes definitely planned by universe long time back and then there was no looking back once I entered completely into spiritualism, I found peace and utmost satisfaction which I was searching for.

What made me decide was universal decisions, my own interest towards attaining moksha and peace and most importantly to help people with honest guidance and be a source of happiness & Light for them.


Reporter: You did your graduation in advertising and then master in HR, then you learned spiritualism, in which part of learning you enjoyed most and why?


Every part I enjoyed of my life, be it Advertising, Be it Management or Now Spiritualism as I always did what I wanted and with full interest. There was no force from anyone to do anything and yes every part of my learning is contributing to My spiritual field also.

 Reporter: How did you start learning the art of spiritualism and energy healing? What all challenges did you face during your learning period and how did you overcome them?


I used to meditate a lot, I would say word spiritualism was associated with me since birth, I was favourite child of my Late Nanaji Dr. P D Agarwal Who has taken Initiation From Sri Daya Mataji, Disciple of Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji (Who has taken Samadhi many years back). I used to spend a lot of time with my Nanaji whenever I visit them, unlike my other siblings and cousins I used to sit with him for long hours and listen carefully every part of his life and experiences which are priceless. Then as I told you I started with Art of living and yoga and moThenved into Reiki.

As such We would not say challenges I face, as when things are inside you and you are made for it things becomes easy for you. But Biggest Challenge is Self Improvement as I strongly believe until you are at that level that whatever you are suggesting others, you can follow you cannot be a Good Teacher.  So First I Devoted myself to make changes in my habits which developed during management field and was against true spiritualism like materialism, trying to have more sattvic food, practicing long hours of meditation, High patience Level Etc. I would like to Add that by divine grace and as you say karma pays, I Always got the right Guru & Teachers in My Life. I Tried following my Elders & Teachings Dedicatedly.

Reporter: You have your own banner “Divine Centre Path Towards Spirituality”, what sort of services do you provide to clients under this banner?

Monica:  Divine Centre is catered to people who wants to walk on Path of spirituality. But every person has their own journey and no one is same and so do paths may differ for

 Divine Centre is catered to people who wants to walk on Path of spirituality. But every person has their own journey and no one is same and so do paths may differ for same destination.  Hence We are providing many spiritual services like Meditation, Reiki Trainings, Karuna reiki, kundalini reiki, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, dowsing, Tarot Card reading, Numerology, Astrology, Ceromancy, Courses, Coffee Cup Reading, Tea Leaf and Wine Reading, Crystal Healing, Crystal Solutions, Mantra chanting, bach flower remedies to heal deep emotions, spell casting, candle healing, angel reiki, Angel therapy, Angel Reading, past life sessions, self-hypnosis,  Runes Reading, Akashic Readings, Crystal Ball Gazing, trance healing and much more. Our Courses, Consultations and Products we provide are of best quality and one to one teachings been done.

One Can start with their field of interest and move further with Proper guidance we provide as per their interests and energies.

Monica During Taking a Coffee Reading Session with a client
                                             Monica During Taking a Coffee Reading Session with a client

Reporter: Beside as a Tarot reader or energy healer you are also giving training courses for the same, so how you feel when your students are doing well in spiritualism?

Monica: Yes I am Providing Various Courses and many students are practicing it professionally till now. I encourage them to practice as they will learn only when they put into regular practice. I Feel very Motivated to see them performing good.  Actually Any Teacher Success lies in her students. When they do well, it is added to their performance. Here performance review is been done by Universe as per your Karmas and universe is not biased to anyone. Being a Teacher I try my level best to motivate them as per their path if they want to take it as professionally or personally. Rest Depends on Student how much advice they follow and how much practice they do.

Reporter: Do you consider your ability a gift? How do you help people with this gift?

Monica: Definitely it is Gift. Many people who facing different kind of stresses falls into mode of hopelessness, this gift has always make my spirits and confidence high, my intuition powers & other by birth gifted Psychic Powers has save me a lot of time to make wrong decisions and falling into trap of negative vibes or negative situations. But As is Been quoted Correctly Even Gifted Powers need proper nourishing and guidance, hence with guidance i have developed many other powers like clairvoyance, other divine powers I Attained (Would like to keep short and simple and less disclosures in this matter)

This Gift I used to help people to give them proper guidance, solutions, healing their karmas and motivating them. Some times I use my natural gifted spiritual powers to help those people who are really needed.

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Reporter: Could you share some memorable experiences you had because of this talent?

Monica: There are many but in short many times in life I felt I took decisions avoiding my brain and following heart and I feel thankful to universe for such psychic gifts which made me sense the danger before. Had I been taken decision other way round my life would have been totally different and I would have been a person I am today. I have seen many miracles in my life. I have come across with many people who helped me, appearing suddenly when I needed help and than vanishing and to my later realization they were some spiritual powers who came into form of human whose existence was not there on earth. After Coming into this profession i face many cases where with divine grace and blessings many of my clients has got miraclous results out of my solutions and when they come back and praise , i than divine to gift me such powers to heal and help troubled souls.

Reporter: What’s a typical day like for a tarot card reader? What’s your usual schedule?

Monica: Since I am involved with many things, my schedule is sometimes planned for weeks in advance and sometimes on the day itself. Typically I got free myself from all my routine work by 10-11 am including breakfast, daily routine, meditation , healing.  After that I continue with my appointments for readings, consultations, training courses till 7 Pm. Than evening is for my Family and my own meditations. For Spiritual Practitioner it is very much required to keep some time for their own-self to gain energies back which they have been putting in their spiritual work and helping people. Some times i take early morning sessions for my international clients over the phone and skype, those days schedule is little early as session may happen sometimes as early as 5 am, 7 am in morning due to time gap between countries.

When I don’t have appointments (I prefer to keep a day free once in week), I do with documentation, shopping, travelling, enjoying with my family and friends.

I Just believe in going with the flow and take work in my hand as much as I can manage with peace and satisfaction.

Reporter: What will you like to suggest to our readers that tarot reading, spiritualism or energy healing is something god gift or it’s a science which needs time and practicing to learn and anyone who can dedicate on this can learn?

Monica:  It is both. Yes it is God Gifted but You might have heard even god gifted things need polishing, training and guidance. Some people are destined for this field, some are inclined by their own interest. Reiki, meditations and healing techniques can be learn by any one and they can develop with regular practice, But for specifically if you talk about tarot, coffee science, psychic reading one has to be interested in it naturally and has basic intuition power and inclination towards the same. People who want to do just for the sake of earning as they have mind set that this is good way to earn even they lack normal sense and intuition power due to blockages should start with reiki first to clear energies and than move further if and when they feel this is for them

I would like to mention, please follow ur interest and intuition. just because some one says you do it or you feel that it is a easy way out do not go for it.  Also if you are interested contact a right teacher, myths like that you are not meant for tarot or reiki etc are false.  Energies can be developed with right guidance and universe is full of energy. only thing you need is trust.

Wishes By Editor 

Thanks a lot Monica, we wish you all success in your life.


Monica is Founder of Divine Centre – Path Towards Spirituality 

International Celebrity Tarot Reader/ Reiki Grandmaster/Numerologist/ Coffee Reader / Angel Therapist / Psychic Reader

You can Contact her personally and book your sessions or courses at 8826826749 / 9810314351



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