Good Vibes Of Fengshui And Vastu In Home And Life


Monica Agrawal Fengshui & Vastu Expert
Monica Agrawal Fengshui & Vastu Expert


Hi Friends,

Today we will discuss  how Feng Shui and Vastu plays an important role in generating positive vibes in our home, life, workplace, health and how it affects us.


Ancient Kamdhenu Cow To Remove Obstacles and Wish Fulfilling Cow 

There are certain ritual and process to keep Cow. it is used both in Feng Shui, Vastu, Indian as well as western science and commonly called as wish fulfillment cow. Hindu mythological story is also been associated with the same.


Fengshui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. It is closely linked to Daoism.

Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy (observation of appearances through formulas and calculations). The feng shui practice discusses architecture in metaphoric terms of “invisible forces” that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi.

Today’s Environment where every person is stressed about one or another issue, be  a relationship, work stress, money stress, health, Feng Shui is an effective yet easy way to generate positivity around. since it is based on Chinese philosophy and direction plays an important role, it needs to be kept in mind that before buying and placing a Feng Shui item in your home, you should always consult a Feng Shui expert as placing any Feng Shui Item in wrong direction may bring adverse effects of the items.


Money is Major Concern these days in everyone life. whether you are in Job or in business, everyone wants to increase their finances as well as attract prosperity in the home and work. A right Feng Shui is an effective and easy way to bring in the prosperity and peace in the home. There are many tips to increase wealth, peace in the home and work, for job promotions, to take care of increasing expenses.

Monica is Expert in Fengshui and giving consultancy from many years. Few things should be kept in mind before applying Fengshui Tips in the home, Do consult an expert, proper direction, activation and energisation of products with programming is very necessary as per Chinese process as this technique has originated from there only to make it work faster. Just simply do not buy anything randamonly from shops and use as it may bring adverse results.


To Buy Three Legged Frog With coins You Can Consult Us, We keep all Fengshui items like Frogs, laughing buddhas, lotus crystal cut, Feng Shui money tree, Chinese gods, dragon boats, running horses, three coins, Feng Shui trees, evil eye,  etc.


Crystal Tree, Fensghui Money Tree, Money Banboo Plant, Fresh Plant is Considered Good to generate positive Chi Around. Consult us to know right direction for you as per your kua number or as per your purpose

Know Right

Dragon Boat is Another Fengshui Powerful Way of Bringing Positive Vibrations and Energies of Chinese God and Ward off Evil Eye But it should be placed in the right direction.


Running Horses For Your Business Success. Please note Consult Before keeping just knowing a direction would not be enough for right placement.


Vastu is a science that has originated from India. Feng shui is an art of harnessing energies. Though both have a same objective, the benefit of humanity but the principles are very different. I am a follower of Vastu and Fengshui both as it is originated from India and its based on our culture, traditions, geographical conditions, climatical conditions and everything for India. And fengshui is originated in China and based on their culture and traditions so both tenchinqiues has their own benefits and vibrations. But one should not get confused & consult an expert to know what is right for them.


Vastu plays an important role in out life. it is been considered that Vastu effects thirty percent of our life area. It is an Ancient Indian Technique of Directions and generating right energies as per directions. Due to fast lifestyle and flat systems, it is natural that there might be Vastu defects in home or office. Most of times Demolition of the building is not possible, in Such case we provide easy remedies without demolition of vastu which can bring miraclous results which also includes sometimes Ancient Astro remedies.

Vastu is must consultancy everyone should avail as with small small things you might be just creating vibes which are not so good for health, finance, relationship etc.


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Love and Light 

Monica Agrawal

Spiritual Life Coach/ Fensghui Vastu Expert

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