Guided Meditation for Beginners

When we plan to start meditation biggest hurdle is concentration thats a reason most of beginners do not continue with meditation Monica Agarwal has taught a 10 mins daily meditation to start with and explain how to develop concentration power.

We always need some one or support to start new things in life. it is never too late so lets start the meditation process with Monica Agarwal. Try this out for few days and slowly you can increase the time. You can Also Join our regular life coaching sessions to improve quality of Life and bring in Positivity.

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Reiki Training Center In Delhi
Reiki Training Center In Delhi


1. Silent Space

2. Candles Dim Light and Any Mantra or music

3. Om chanting

4. Aulomvilom

5. Concentrate on breathing

6. White light flow

7. Purple bubble cover aura

8. Open the meditation #hindimeditation#guidedmeditation

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