How Do Meditation Creates Miracles ? A Way of Life

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All of us have heard about meditation. Some point or the other we thought of starting the meditation but  we might have started and left after some days or some of us are not regular.

We being a human are habitual of our set of beliefs and living in our own comfort zone and rarely try to come out of it. In modern times with the increase of responsibilities, competition in any field, political mind people, materialism all over there is stress every where. On the one hand this stress is due to all above factors and on the other hand it is reason of all above factors.

Even science has agreed we all are made of five elements and we work through five senses for which we need energy to live. Now due to increased stress we spend a large amount of our energy dealing with it and become a victim of either less energy or negative vibrations which multiplies our stress and problems. Here comes rule of spiritual practices like meditation, healing techniques, reiki, and many others.

Enlightment & Connecting Innerself
                                                                   Enlightment & Connecting Innerself

Now when we meditate we focus on breathing and go deep inside self, we raise our vibration above this five elements and five senses and hence we connect to inner-self and sixth sense which is start of creating what we call are miracles in form of we start getting some  dreams and desires getting true, answers to our questions and solutions to our long lasting problems.

Since with only meditation, this journey is little long and lot of concentration and practice required there are techniques like reiki which if included with meditation makes the half way easy for us to concentrate and heal.

Now let’s talk about what is the right way of meditating so that we can make it a way of life. Remember anything should be a part of your life than only it will be able to. Give you visible benefits in the longer run.

I will explain a very simple method just for beginners and later they can join proper training and guidance classes.

To begin with start with 10 mins daily. The person who is not in habit of meditating may find difficult initially spending more time. For a week or so start with 10 mins daily. Find a quiet place, you can light little relaxing music, sit In half lotus position, or on chair, legs should not be crossed if you are doing meditation on chair, keep palms in open position on laps, sit straight but comfortably straight, close your eyes, chant om three times, bring your mind focus on your natural breathing and just observe breathing.

From next week you can increase the timing to 20 mins and so on, the more you practice more habitual and peaceful you become, clarity of mind, focus, concentration, calmness, balancing are few things which initially is been noticed. You can also meditate with crystals as they are naturally the source of energy.

Regular meditation can help you in healing, increase in energy level, controlled anger, able to face life challenges with peace and composed mind.

Meditations have unlimited benefits and I wish readers that they would definitely try this and will get benefited with this. Although they might contact us for professional classes and advice if required.

Love And Light

Monica Agrawal

Reiki Grandmaster / Spiritual Life Coach/Celebrity Tarot Reader Numerologist

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