How Learning Reiki is Beneficial For Doctors & For All

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                             Reiki Grandmaster & Celebrity Tarot Reader Monica Agrawal – Learn Reiki

Today’s Article is about Why Reiki Learning is Good For Doctors ? Monica Agrawal is International Reiki Grandmaster & Trainer. She is been into this for many years, and before that she spent many years into corporate world as Head HR and Senior Management positions.


I would like to mention here there are many myths and lack of knowledge has highlighted reiki spiritual aspects but most of people and even many reiki masters are unaware of scientific part of Reiki.  Before we discuss importance of reiki learning for doctors we need to understand what is this reiki (Japanese technique of healing).  How many of you are aware science was more developed in our ancient times than today.  Reiki is still not accepted fully as medical practice and I feel it should be accepted completely and should be one of subject in medical studies.

Why ? Good Question. Let Me Explain here.

What is Work of Doctor ?. Diagonse the disease and heal the patient . Right. Various Practices Like Allopathic, Homepathic, Ayurveda, Naturapathy etc is been used. Now we explain how reiki is scientific and why it should be included in medical category.


Our Human Body is Made of Five elements and these five elements work on energy (as taught in science) right. And When we do not get proper energy to run these five elements, we face health and many other issues. Reiki As a Japanese word means Universal Life Force Energy. Energy On Which Life Survives. It is not a hidden fact that universe is full of unlimited energy and When we know how to access that energy in easy way and fill gap we will start healing naturally. Reiki is one of such technique invented by Japanese scientist Dr. Mikao Usui However he invented in a way where attunement is been passed by Reiki Masters  to access it.  So If You Closely Understand the concept you will find Reiki Has scientific and Spiritual Blend.

Many  people creates different myths which is not true and which are biased basis on their personal religious views which has nothing to do with scientific spiritual Energy Reiki. Now Let Me Combine and Conclude The topic. Knowing the fact many of our negative emotional states becomes a reason for our health issues like depression, stress, tumours, knees pain and much more which is been agreed by doctors also, So if Doctors learn Reiki and along with their treatments, medicine involve the reiki treatments also, healing will become faster than usual with no side effects and also heals the disease with the root cause.

Many Doctors have already realized this and started involving charging medicine with the same. Till The time it is widely accepted by medical professionals, people can learn on its own and start making it a way of life to heal naturally, fast and receive unlimited benefits from Reiki in every Aspect of their Life.

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Monica Agrawal

Reiki Grandmaster & Teacher

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Pls Note : Reiki is Purely Positive Scientific and spiritual Energy and can be learn by all age groups, all caste and religion and has no side effects. It is Attunement Based and Not Intelligence based Hence does not require any Educational Pre Criteria.


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