Illuminati Tarot card reading course

The Tarot Illuminati Cards Deck has 78 vivid, digitally illustrated cards. The cards are complex, saturated with colour, and enhanced by the golden of borders. These cards are more complex and deeper meant specifically for Advance intuitive readers giving a more deeper insights into any situation and issues.

This Course is meant for you if you are attracted towards the cards, watch the whole video above and is some one who want to learn more advance tarot readings , has a good intuition power and want to develop deeper intuitions.

All our courses include intuition as well as cards attunement to hel you get connected with cards and achieve accuracy in readings. This course is offered as in person one to one class or online video mode whether you are anywhere across the globe you can opt for this course. This Cards Are Very Good when You want to read for Deeper Love Issues, past Life reading, Karmic Issues, Deeper health issues and Financial Blocks etc.

Tarot Reading Courses Delhi Professional Certified
Certified Tarot Intuitive Professional Course

Course Contents

History of Tarot

Illuminati Cards Explained

Meditations to develop intuition

Attunement to intuitions and third eye


Symbolism of cards

Giving a reading

client handling

handling complex readings

past life readings, Cord Cutting Sessions, Protection Methods and Much More.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Certificate Award Ceremony

Duration – 5 Days – 2.5 Hrs Each Day

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