Numerology 2017- For Number 7- By Bollywood Numerologist Monica Agrawal

Monica Agrawal is Internationally Known Celebrity Numerologist. She has Recently Won Good Karma Award for Excellence in her Work. Award has been presented by Guest of Honour Bollywood Actor Mr. Jackie Shroff and Speaking Tree COO Mr.  Avinash Agarwal.

She has been Known for Her amazing Accuracy and Unique Approach of giving predictions involves bio – energy measuring and clairvoyance skills. with a very strong international clientage and presence in spiritual world, she provides predictions on her you tube channel also as per sun sign, in many of known Hindi Magazines her rashifal is been published as per moon sign, newspaper and online portals.

Today we bought how  2017 will work for Number 7  Born People. If You Are Born On 7, 16, 25 of Any Month Than You Are No 7 Born Personality.

Please note these are general predictions. it is always advisable to take your personal numerology reports to work out best in the life As different planet positions, combinations of dates etc may vary.



This Year 2017, you will be governed by the planet Saturn, Sun And Ketu.  A serious attitude in business will be observed. This year, I advise you to plan-your-work-and-work-your-plan to find success. In 2017, opponents will be defeated as your talent will determine what you can do. though it is advisable to, maintain honesty and beware of guiles as short term gains may result in long term loses if you do not maintain honesty.  You will also develop a spiritual maturity within yourself,  resulting in many pilgrimages. You will get many chances to watch movies throughout this year. You have to take care specially in matter of health and follow a strict regime in this matter.

Remedies for Numerology Number Seven

  1. For you Thursdays and Saturdays are auspicious and if the dates like 7, 16, & 25 falls on these weekdays, it will be more auspicious
  2. Colors like Blue, Cream, Yellow, Light Green, & Pink are auspicious. Try to wear these colors frequently
  3. Always keep a piece of cloth which is in color Blue, Yellow, or Cream
  4. Worship Shani Devta regularly
  5. Beware of people who has 1, 2, 4, & 9 as their date of birth

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