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Akashic Record Reading- Courses-India-Delhi-NCR

Akashic records are universe library where soul footprint, memories, events are recorded?
Through Akashic record readings you can get a deeper and accurate insights on your soul purpose, why u met certain people in ur life, when to release and much more.
Get your Akashic Record Accessed by Known Spiritual Life Coach
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                                     Crystal Ball Gazing & Courses- Delhi-Ghaziabad-International

Crystal Ball Gazing/ Crystal Ball Reading/Crystal Reading Course

When the technique of scrying is used with crystals or any transparent body, it is known as crystallomancy or crystal gazing.

It is an art used along with clairvoyance to predict your future and guide you towards the correct path.

To book crystal ball reading in person or online with celebrity crystal ball reader & international spiritual life coach Monica. Or if you feel you have clairvoyance and want to learn this art book your course.

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Crystal meditation is a fast way of accelerating your inner and outer growth, increasing your power level, and making some strong, helpful, nonphysical connections. Also, crystal meditation is a fine way of tending to that inner person that longs and needs to understand the world and universe. However, most importantly, crystal meditation will enable you to touch powers that can help you to control the person you are. Believe it or not! The better you can control yourself, the more effective you will be in the control of your reality.

For that you should only be using original crystal tree, synthetic types will not work. And there is way of meditating with it. Just holding and meditating will not bring results. To learn crystal tree meditation book your session.

To know more or to learn, book tarot consultation or learn reiki or crystal healing or angel healing. Regular meditation and chakra balancing workshops and classes also available.

Numerologist In Delhi-Ace Numerologist In India

Numbers Play an Important Role In Our Life, Numerology is Study of Numbers Vibrations effecting our life.

Monica is Ace Numerologist and gives  Vedic,   modern age and bioenergy numerology.

book your full numerology report, or consult for Name Numerology, Business Name Analysis, Signature Analysis, House Number Analysis, How A Mobile Number Can Bring a Change in Your Life.

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