Ceromancy – A Mystical Prediction Art

Ceromancy is one of the world’s most ancient forms of divination. Starring at a flame and viewing wax drippings is a great method of determining if your magic is working effectively. Additionally the way a candle unfolds or deconstructs as it melts can be very significant.

This is Slightly Different From the Way we read Wax In Candle Magic.  It Has Proper Way and Technique which is been followed and which gives a clear indications to the reader about the seeker questions.

Monica Agrawal is Among Very Few People In India Who Knows this art and Teaches also. She has been Internationally Known, acclaimed. and Also been awarded by for her spiritual work.  

Our All Courses are High Ended Based on Authentic Process and Personal attention been given to students. If You have Interest In Occult Science and Want to Become Certified Ceromancy Reader Join This Course.

Course Duration: 1-2 Days 

Content :

       History Of Ceromancy

        Ceromancy  Science


      How to Prepare For reading

     Before the Reading

     During the Reading

     After the Reading

    Client Handling 

    Method And Procedure of Ceromancy

    Choosing a Right Candle ‘

    How to Prepare Bowl

    Precautions and Protection

   Giving a Full Reading

   Much More 

 To Join This Interesting and Mystical Course and Become a Certified Ceromancy Reader, Book Your Course On Given Numbers In Contact Section.





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