Intuitive Course In Tarot – Numerology

Tarot Card Reader In Delhi
Tarot Card Reader In Delhi

Divine Centre Path Towards Spirituality – International Insititute of Spiritual Trainings


      One Month Extensive Course In Tarot & Numerology Courses 

Keeping In Consideration that different people choose different career path in spirituality. we have designed many customised courses and packages. this is extensive of tarot and numerology advance course. This is combination of almost eight courses including complete knowledge.  Those who are aiming at becoming a Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist , all associated remedies are covered under this course with high level of practical practice. Since these are extensive courses we request serious students focusing on content rather than short term benefits may apply for this course.


                                                          One Month – 5 Days A Week

                                                         Topics Covered

                                                      Tarot Card Reading – Rider waite

                                                       Angel Card Reading

                                                  OSHO intuitive Readings

                                             Candle Magick

                                              Tarot Spell Casting

                                              Astro Remedies

                                            Crystal Healing and Remedies

                                          Numerology Advance

                                       Sigil Magic

                                     Angel Healing Symbols

                                    Third Eye Attunements

                                   Unique Remedies Methods.

                                    Passing On Attunement

                                           Much More


Mentor & Teacher

Ms. Monica Agarwal

International Celebrity Tarot Card Reader

Award Winner & Television Personality.    

Registrations Open All Over Year .   Skype Classes also Available       

Tarot Reading Introductions Class
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