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Numbers play an important role in our daily lives. We are all under the influence of numbers through our names, addresses, time, money, addresses, telephones, keyboards, tapes, security numbers, bank accounts, elevators etc. Living without numbers is very difficult for human beings. Though the effect these numbers have on us cannot be seen or felt by us, these numbers do have an enormous effect on our lives, that’s the theory behind Numerology.

Numerology, as the name denotes, is the prediction of the future of the human beings using numbers. It is believed that each number has a meaning of its own and has its own influences on people.

Using the practical application of the elementary laws of mathematics to the material existence of man, Numerology helps us to have a glimpse of our future. It is similar to Astrology but is easier than the latter. Numerology uses numbers to denote objects which influence people in the universe while Astrology uses the objects itself such as the sun, the moon and the planets which influence the life of human beings significantly. Numerology deals with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Mars which are denoted by numbers from 1 to 9 respectively. The date of birth of the person and his name is used to calculate the numerological influence on a person. It is also said that the influence of numbers changes from time to time.

Monica is Ace Numerologist and Celebrity Tarot Reader, She is Well versed in Vedic Numerology, Western and New Age Numerology and Involving Bio Energetic Vibrations into her readings, she provides amazingly accurate solutions. Numerology is team effort of numerologist and client. She personally does not believe in changing the complete name until it becomes very necessary. Normally small alter in name spelling, plus amazing remedies will solve the purpose. many client of her has experienced the results within a month to three months time, though full effects sometimes take times.

Like one of her client was facing a problem in buying a new house and with small remedies clients long lasting problem has ended within a month and client has bought a very nice home. In other case one of her client she was not getting enough clients in her beauty business small alternation in name plus some minor remedies has made her happy person attracting many numbers of clients effortlessly to her business. such many cases are there where she has also helped some of known celebrities and personalities.

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