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 Runes are a mystic divine source of power and protection from the Ancient Gods. it is also found as spiritual harmony and co-existence with the natural [earth].  Asking for daily guidance by casting of the runes onto an outstretched cloth is a sacred act For many runes caster. 

To understand how to cast and draw upon the mystical power, one must seek to explore its natural origins.  The roots lie deeply with in ancient Norse [Viking] mythology and history. During a period known as The Dark Ages [600-800 BC], in the region of Scandinavia lived a society of people that had no need of a written language. They expressed ideas using a system of mantra sounds that corresponded to each of 24 symbols [Elder Futhork Runes] that formed complete thought based on their arrangement to each other.

Monica is Internationally Certified Runes Caster & Teacher. To Experience a Runes Reading, Just Book a Runes Consultation with us to know what your past causes, future predictions and remedies.

Stoing Your Runes

If You are Inclined Towards Runes Reading and want to learn Runes Casting Join Our Runes Reading Course.

Course Content 

History & Scope of Runes Reading

Science Behind Runes Reading

Signs and Symbols meaning

Combining the reading

Subconscious Mind Tapping & Meditation

Meditation with Runes

Attunement to Your Runes


Runes Spreads

Various Practical Session of Runes Casting

Giving actual Reading & Consultation

Ethics Of Runes Reading

Handling Client

Question & Answer Session

Receiving a Certificate

Duration – 2 Days For Tarot Reader

3 Days for Non-Tarot Readers

Charging Your Runes- Rune Reader In Delhi

Love & Light 

Monica Agrawal

Spiritual Life Coach / Runes Reader

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