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A spell, charm, invocation, or hex is a set of words, spoken or unspoken, which are considered by its user to invoke some magical effect. Historical attestations exist for the use of some variety of incantations in many cultures around the world.

Spell Casting is powerful way of manifesting your wishes. since everything is energy and karma based we focus on only on positive spells like money, finance, career, love (soulmates spells), negativity banishing spells. We do not entertain negative spell casting.

Monica is Internationally Certified & Renowned Spell Caster, Tarot Spell Expert & Celebrity Tarot Reader.

Her Spells are Special in a way that she energise her every spell with correct compositions of candles made from imported original oils and process will include energising with special siddhi spiritual powers, rituals, mantras, ancient psychic energies and much more.

Candles she uses in oils are very special and not available anywhere else as Divine Centre – Founded By her is first Indian Company to make such kind of candles. these candles are prepared with utmost care, rituals, original oils. Results are tremendously different when spells used with these candles also reported by many clients.

Separate candles with affirmations and to generate different energies are also available apart from spells

candle spell casting for money finances

Few of Spells available are mentioned below. rest are customised as per purpose. Spell 

Business Success Spell

Spell to Start Home Business

Money Spells

Get Your Theft Money Back

Overcoming from Bad Habit or Addiction 

Soulmate Spells

Positive Love Spells

Job Spell

Career Spells

Making a right Decision

Protecting Home Spell

Protection Spells

Negativity Banishing Spell

Removing a Curse Spell

Developing Intuition Spells

starting a family spell

conceiving spell

Many More Customised Spells

                                                     Making Magical Mojjo Bags

spells for love
Buy Spell Or Learn Course

Spell Casting Course Including Candle Spell Casting and Tarot Spell Casting, Making Magical Mojjo Bags  Is Available .

Duration – 3 Days * 3 Hrs Each Day

Content Of Spell Casting Course

What is Spell casting ?

 How does Spells Work ?

Tapping into Subconcious Mind 

Energy Raising Meditation

Body Chakras 

Casting a Circle

Pentagram Symbol and Five Elements

Pre Spell Rituals, Post Spell , During Spell Work

Protection Methods

Sealing Room

Cleaning Charging and Programming Supplies

Science of Colours

Candle Colours

Waxing and Wanning Moon

Right time to do spell

Reading Spell Candles

Casting a Spell

Energy Tackling



Angels Calling

Divine Forces Working

Much More.

Candle Healing In Noida

Energized Special Candles Available for 

Chakra Healing Special Candles

Seven Chakra Candle With Seven Fragnance Healing Oil Online-228x228

Seven Major Chakra are responsible for major of our life situations.if they are balanced and charged we enjpy a blissful life and if they lack energy  we face all kinds of issues in life like finance, relation health etc
Whether to enjoy a financially blessed life or life fill of love and peace and a healthy life, whether we want to excel in education or job or love or career or anything balancing of chakras are very much required. Of of powerful way of balancing chakra is using chakra candles specially made by me using seven colours and seven healing oils. I have prepared it with utmost care with energetic hands..and healing oils original ordered from foreign not available anywhere in india. No dilution is been used in this. Charged with spiritual powers. Process will be explained during you buy chakra balancing package which include a chakra candle with process, a chakra accessory and guidance to use.

Multiple wish Healing

Other Spell Candles /Tea Light / Available

White Energy Flow 

Negativity Banishing

Love Candle

Relationship Candle

Harmony Candle

Business Candle

Money Candle

Aura Protection Candle

Education Candle

Willpower candle

fertility candle

Angel Blessing Candles

Worship Candle 

Much More

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