Power of Our Subconcious Mind


At some point of life all of us come across with situations where we are bound to think why it happens with us only?, why things are not going the way we want?, why our relations or career or life is not according to us? Or many times we look back and regret our decisions.

The answers lies within our subconscious mind. How?

Scientific study states we have two parts of our mind – conscious and subconscious. 10% of our mind is conscious mind, 90 % of our mind is subconscious mind. Whatever we are thinking, doing and acting is with our conscious mind but actually whatever happens in our life is because of our subconscious mind which is major part of our mind. Even genius people like Albert Einstein was using only around 4% of his conscious mind so one can imagine an average person is using only 2 percent of his conscious mind.


Now how this works is whenever we see, listen or come across with some situation or thinks that memories get stored in our subconscious mind. Even subconscious hold memories of our all past lives that is reason during past life regression, an expert makes you travel into your subconscious mind and in trance state one can access that memory data and remember the past lifes. So what ever get stored in our sub-concious mind, our conscious mind is not aware of it in awake state and keeps on wondering about the things happening in our life, on the other hand stored data keeps attracting the same situation in life as per our sub-conscious mind vibrations.

Now for example – A person has deepest desires of doing certain business or work from childhood or during his entire career but due to some reasons opted for another career or say job, and come across with a situation where either not getting a suitable job, or he is not able to cope with job situations. That is not happening because his destiny is not working but because his deepest stored energies in subconscious mind is to do desired business or work. So once he realises this with help of different methods of accessing the sub-conscious mind (meditation, past life regression, trance sessions, reiki etc), he would take the desired actions and get success in his life. Same happens with different people in different situation.


So if think negative continuously, keep criticizing others, or keep creeping over our problems, we start attracting the same energies and instead of getting better situation become worst. Instead if we think positive, know our sub-conscious mind and from conscious mind fill the same things and replace unwanted energies from sub-conscious mind, things will start happening in our life the way we want.

Few of the methods and techniques to access subconscious mind and clearing unwanted patters and energies from our life is meditation, meditation daily helps in clearing unwanted thoughts and negative thoughts, healing techniques which help in clearing unwanted negative energies and manifesting, tarot card reading which helps in knowing what is going according to our current energies and counselling, positive thinking, vibrating the right things, healthy eating habits, morning walks will help.

Invoke the right energies, make your life better and make this world better.

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