Reiki Master Healer Course

Reiki Healing Classes In Delhi
Reiki Workshop By International Reiki Grandmaster

This will initiate you into master Symbol which is considered as Direct Divine Light Symbol. Highest of all Symbols

Level 3 A is Master Healer Level hence enhances your reiki power and attunes you to energy which is capable of dealing with highest negativities and protects you from all kind of black magic, attacks etc. it brings more confidence in personality of person and start of deep cleansing will happen.

Course Contents

Meditation with revision of First and Second Degree 
Attunement Ceremony
Master Symbol Use 
Self Healing Process
Third Eye Opening Techniques
Psychic Attack and Removal of Black Magic
Psychic Surgery
Knowledge of Crystals In Details 
Setting Up Reiki Grid and How to Manifest it for Your Goals
Tips and Techniques

Karuna Reiki Complimentary practitioner Level

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