Signs of Karmic Relationships and How Tarot Helps

Karmic Relationships, Karmic Love, Often we are hearing these terms these days. facing a lot of issues in your love relations, or in your married life. you realise at some point of time, despite of so much of stress in the relationships, you are not able to get out of it. It might be a karmic relationship you are into. 

Are you into Karmic relationships, Tarot Can help you in identifying and healing the karmic relations issues to the root cause.

Before that we bring some points and signs which can make you identify that you are actually going through relationship issue and you need a help. Let us first understand what is a Karmic Relationship?

Karma is been compared what goes around that comes around like a wheel. Karmic relationship is a lesson we need to get before we find our true soulmates. Karmic relationship is also connected from past life and can be one of your soul mate, but to teach you a lesson. karmic relationships are often very painful and  not easy to get out of it. 

The karmic relationship in question doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic one either. It could be with a coworker, friend, or neighbour. The important thing to remember is that you are supposed to learn something important about yourself from this painful experience.

Signs Your Are Into Karmic Relationship 

1. Same Pattern Repetition

A very common sign in such relationships is repeating pattern. like you break up just to get back again. without realising pattern is often same, you fight on small issues and that to be same way and arguments are so heated that end up either in break up, reaching to level of wanting divorce if you married to your karmic soul.  Until both people in relationshiop will learn a lesson from the situation and act from different perspective, it will keep repeating as soul you attracted is here to teach you a lesson or both of you to learn something from other. Such relationships will only work when both are ready to accept the situations, work towards it and pay attention to the lessons karma teaching you.

2. Selfishness

one of the people in the relationship is often selfish in nature and never wanted to make change in the situation. either he or she tries than after a sometime, is been found getting on same patterns and also blaming others without seeing faults of self as well.

Some lesson this relation is trying to teach you is Are you willing to  change your behavior if you have been selfish or express your feelings to your partner about how it feels to be with a selfish person? Can you give selflessly to your partner?

3. Jealousy 

Fear of Losing your partner or fear that your partner may leave you for some one else which is resulting to jealously and convertng into hatred is one of the common sign

4. Abuse / Anger

Abuse of any kind, mental, physical, intense anger or behaving abnormally are few other signs.

Since you realised that you are into karmic relationship, you want to heal self, this relationship or your life so that you can move on. It is time to consult Tarot Cards. Tarot Cards are wonderful divine tool which can access the energies left in-universe and into your subconscious mind to look into your past, root cause of this relationship and confirming that this is karmic relationship.

Clairvoyant Tarot Reader can tap into your energies, tap into your past and guide you through the solutions, counsel you to the way out of stuff and mess you are into and start healing.  Tarot Can reveal a lot about your past life, karma, relationships, what lessons actually this relationship is giving you and what you need to do in order to heal self and lead a happy life.

Monica Agrawal is Celebrity Tarot reader, Bollywood Numerologist and International Relationship Expert. she is been awarded good karma award for her clairvoyance and psychic readings.

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