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Miracles of Reiki – A Life Force Energy

Everything is this Universe is made of Energy. It is that life force energy which keeps us alive and helps in performing our daily tasks. Whenever there is lack of energy or negative energy stored inside our body, soul or around us we came across with health problems, financial problems and many other problems which creates stress in our life.

Now to Understand it better, we should know that there are seven chakras in our body and each chakra is related to different physical body parts and also our ethernal body. Whatever we think daily, speak daily vibrates at certain frequency and same kind of energy is attracted and get stored in our chakra and subconscious mind which starts automatically working and bringing same situations in our life. Universe does not understand negative words so what happen is Say for example. ABC wants a certain level of job, and daily he speaks with his friends, family or to himself that “I Do not want low level of job”, now he vibrates the same to universe by his daily affirmations, thinking and universe picks up “I want a low level of Job” and that keep happening to him.


Now instead he affirms daily that “ I am Happy in My career, i have achieved a job which i want and i am enjoying a luxurious life” he will attract the same and energy makes a shift in the life and manifest the same for him.

Same Miracles has been shown by Reiki. As we can understand that due to daily activities, stress, competition it is not possible for us to remain positive all the time after all we are human beings. In that case Reiki helps us. Reiki is A Japanese word which means life force positive energy. A Reiki Master has capacity and power to access the positive energy from universe and heal and also attune someone to that energy. This is pure energy not fake in any form. You can just after your atonement feel that energy in your hands and starts healing.

Many People have seen and experienced the miracles of energy few of the examples which i myself has witnessed among my friends, students etc are curing of long lasted knee pain, cure of serious disease where doctors have given up, manifesting the desired job, betterment in relationships among husband wife, lovers, siblings, friends and family members through positive energy and healing.

The question arise when we have such a beautiful and soothing energy available with us than why to remain in stress, worries and miseries, why not create our own beautiful world which is stress free, peaceful and full of love.


One important thing to remember here is Reiki Does not work for negative intentions as it works only through positive energies of the universe and only comes through attunement.

Some daily tips you can try.

  1. Try affirming daily that you are happy and feel that you already have what you always wanted, you will feel better and you never know when you will get one wish true out of your many.
  2. Try to be positive and speak less about your problems.
  3. When you feel you want to buy something you cannot afford, don’t say i cannot afford it. There is nothing a person cannot afford. Say i have other priorities i prefer not to buy this now.
  4. Knees and calves are area where negative emotions and thinking stored more, hence people who always think negative and criticize others are tend to develop knees pain more easily. Try this out.

Take 3 Tea Spoon Rock Salt (Sendha Namak) and mix it in half bucket of luke warm water

And soak your legs in it for 10 mins daily before sleep and dispose of water outside the home or in bathroom. Within a months time u will feel much better in your knees pain. If combined with daily reiki healing can bring miraculous results

  1. Always meditate daily for 15 mins before sleep. You will have better sleep and feel better.

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy.

Written and Copyrighted by Monica Agrawal

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