What Are Switchwords ?

In a Simple Language Switchwords are Mantras, English Mantras or you can call it One word Affirmations.

Monica Agarwal is Internationally Trained and Known Switchword Trainers. She has done Many workshops on Switchwords Inperson at Delhi NCR Centre or Via Video Classes All Over the world.

Let Us Understand Switchwords in Better way. We Have Conscious and Subconscious Mind out of which our Subconscious Mind is responsible for our life situations. many time fear of failure and fear of success creates blockages in achieving what we want in our life, Switchwords are powerful way of clearing such blockages in miraculous way and fulfilling our wishes.

Switchwords which are power words has ability to activate our hidden talents and thus we start manifesting success through subconscious in our all areas of life like relationships, business, career, finances, health, home life , getting protection and other issues in our life. “Switchwords are one word Affirmation”.
When we cannot earn much the reason for that is that deep down we think that we are not capable of it or if we are not getting success in our business, deep down we think that we are not worth it. Switchwords with repeating rituals remove that deep rooted negativities and help us manifesting our wishes. Sometimes it works very fast as blockage might be little and the moment it is removed it starts showing miracles in life.

Switchword Courses Delhi Switchword Workshops
Switchwords Workshops

Course Contents

What are Switchwords ?

Science Behind Switchwords and How Our Mind Responds ?

Creating Energy Circles and Charging ?

Developing your own switchwords for every purpose ?

Chanting Switchwords on behalf of others and clients ?

Charging Water with Switchwords ?

How to Make Healing Numbers ?

Colours and Meaning ?

Visualisations and Power Mantras

Combining Switchwords with Other Methods

Powerful Exercises for Money, Love and Health

Certificate Award Ceremony

Duration : 2 Days * 3 Hrs Each Day

Switchwords For Jobs
Switchwords For Jobs
Switchwords for Weight Loss
Switchwords for Conceiving and Pregnancy
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