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Cord Cutting Process – How to Remove Negative People From Life

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#CordCutting is the process of removing #negativeenergy #attachments from your life. Cords attach to your energy body when you have imbalanced relationships with other people, situations, or beliefs. A cord is the energetic #manifestation of fear based thoughts, and is a passageway through which #toxic energy can pollute you, or your energy can be drained from you. When we continue to engage in negative relationships, our cords to them can become more and more of a block to your vitality and peace of mind.

In addition to learning to stand up for yourself and implement healthful boundaries in your life, cord cutting is extremely helpful to fast-track the healing and resolution of all negative relationships or situations. Once your energy is no longer engaging in negativity, your perspective on your situation shifts to one of peace and you are better able to see and act from a place of loving self-respect and self-care.

When we cut cords, the person or situation on the other end of them can feel the shift too. Often times when we cut old cords to past relationships, the other person feels it to the extent that they suddenly think of you out of the blue, and might reach out to you. If this happens, just make sure that you choose self-respect and peace and do not allow your cords to re-attach.