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Tarot Basic Course is For Those Who Are Attracted Towards Tarot Cards, Mystical World & is First Step to enter into mystical world of tarot. This Course Aims at Learning Tarot for Self, Giving Short Readings and Daily Readings for Self and Others. The card we use while teaching is Rider Waite – Traditional and oldest card. This Course is Available At Vaishali, Near Anand Vihar Delhi Location if you want to do In person.

People from all over India Comes to join this course. In case You Cannot Travel, this is also available at skype classes, home study classes for beginners.

what is Tarot Card Reading? Tarot is western ancient forms of fortune telling known to world. A Tarot deck is a deck of cards, usually 78 cards, that is used by someone who is skilled in the reading of them. Depending on the type of reading that you are wanting to have, the Reader will consult the cards to show them what you are needing to know. Tarot cards have been around since the 15th century and are still one of the worlds most common ways of divining into the future.

Course Duration 3 – 5 Days – 2-3 Hours Each Day – Depending on Person to Person Grasping and Learning Ability.

Course Content

History of Tarot

Science of Tarot

Scope of Tarot

Major Arcana Cards Study

Minor Arcana Cards Study

Attunement to Cards

Attunement to open Psychic Power Center


Celtic Cross Spread

One Card Yes or No Reading

Three Cards Reading

Five Cards Reading

Storing Your Cards Cleansing Your Cards

Charging Your Cards

Client Sitting Arrangement

Decorating Tarot Table And Generating Energis, Practical Live Reading Practice

Complimentary Kit Included Rider Waite Tarot Deck, Spread Cloth (Depending On Availability), My Clear Bag, Notebook, Pen, Certificate

Pre-Booking of Course Required – Minimum 7-10 Days In Advance

Workshops / Classes / Batches Every Month

Tarot Card Reading Courses In Delhi
Tarot Card Reading Courses
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