Certified Tarot Professional Course

Tarot Professional Courses
Tarot Professional Courses

This Course is Professional Course Extended Version of Basic course. This is meant for the people who want to start their career into Tarot Card Reading. Are you the one who is attracted towards occult science. Are you the one who want to become a professional tarot reader and helps people. or You the one who already learnt tarot but want to learn more, then this course is for you.

Monica is already a name in Tarot and does not need much introduction. her gifted psychic powers are nourished with proper training and her teaching skills are amazing. what students have to say about her can be found in youtube channel of her on students review section. She pays attention that every student get a separate time  as she believes everyone has their own learning style and teaching needs to be moulded according to the students grasping power.

Course Duration

10 Days 

Course Content

Tarot Basic Course (See Content on Tarot Basic Course Page)


Advance Spreads In Rider waite

Personal Readings Practice

Phone Readings Practice

Angel Card Reading Attunement

Full Angel Reading Course (See Content in Angel Section)

Giving Crystal Remedies and Crystal Healing

Uses of Crystals

Crystal Therapy

Cord Cutting Session

Astrology Basics and Remedies

Healing With Candles 

Attunement to All Three Decks

  Spell Casting

         Tarot Spell Casting

                                                    How to Handle Clients

                                                 How to Combine Remedies 


Kit Includes

Rider waite tarot deck, Angel Card Deck, Wooden tarot box 1, Spread cloth, manuals, manuals, clear bags, pens, notebook, certificate,

Please note Divine Centre – Path Towards Spirituality is Trademark Registered and all certificates are certified and signed by company founder Monica Agrawal

Pre Booking Required At least 10-12 Days before

Angel Card Reading  Courses Are Available Separately Also

Batches Every Month

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