Tarot Grandmaster & Numerologist Course


Tarot Grandmaster Professional Course  is Extensive Course Specially Designed for Souls who have to learn more and more and their learnings never ends. When You want to take Tarot as Complete Profession and Dedicate Your life towards it, this course is meant for it. Since Numerology, Spell Casting  Go hand in hand with Tarot , it is been kept in mind major areas are covered to make you a complete grandmaster and numerologist.

Certificate from Certified Celebrity International Reader & Numerologist and Trademark Company Founder

Course Duration

4 Weeks  

Monday – Friday

2.30pm – 5.30 Pm / Choice of Timing Available

                        One to One Class Available In Online or Inperson 


Course Syllabus 

Tarot Card Reading (Via Rider Waiter or Advance Deep Cards Choice Available )

History of Tarot and Scope of Tarot

Major and Minor Arcana Cards

Spreads and Making Your Own Spreads

Upright and Reverse Cards

Symbology Understanding In Cards

Attunement to cards

Attunement to Third Eye Intuition Centre

Attunement to Angel Cards

Handling Clients

Decorating Tarot Workspace

Angel Card Reading 

How to Give Inperson Readings, Phone Readings, Online Readings

Practical Sessions with Real clients

Astro Remedies, Planet Effects

Healing With Crystals

Healing With Colours

Spell Casting – Candle, Tarot Spells, and Making Mojjo Magical Bags

Cord Cutting Sessions

Protection Methods

Vedic /Chandelean Numerology

New Age /Pythogorean Numerology

Giving a Full Numerology Report

Giving Fengshui Tips and Remedies Basics

Giving Attunements Further

Energy Raising Meditation

Self Protection During Reading

Handling Tough Clients

Switch Word Remedies

Angel Number Remedies

      Law Of Manifestation techniques

                               Intuition Maintaining and Developing Techniques

                                              How to Develop Clairvoyance



Pre-Booking of 15 Days Required.

Blessings Kit Included

Tarot Card, Angel Card, Osho Cards, Wooden Box, Spread cloth, manuals, clear bag, pen, Notebook. Crystals to keep in Box

Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Life Coach

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