The Secret – How to write gratitude journal

The Secret | How To Write Gratitude Journal | Law of Attraction | Monica Agarwal

How to Maintain Gratitude Journal

At the most basic level, your gratitude journal can be a diary – somewhere you jot down things you feel grateful for. Most people like to choose 3-5 things a day. And they find it helps to do it at the same time each day, to create a routine.

You don’t have to write an essay – brief notes are enough. The key is to make sure you feel the gratitude you are writing about, not just mechanically making notes about what you figure you shoul feel grateful for 😉 Also, it doesn’t have to be words.

If doodles and sketches are your thing, that’s great too! The Benefits This is a great habit to cultivate, because you will be regularly looking at things you feel grateful for, which helps to tune your Monkey Mind’s radar to a positive frequency.

You can easily grab any paper, diary or journal and get started – you can even do it online (though there’s something magical that happens when you physically use a pen to write down what you’re feeling grateful for!).

It’s a great place to start and will create a lovely book for you to re-read, in the future.


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