Time To Heal Your Chakras – How to Identify ?


It is been known to many people that we have major seven chakras in our body, but how many of you actually know that we have more than 114 body chakras in the body. the concept of body chakras was originated in ancient times as old as our ancient mythologies.

it is been proven scientifically as well that universe is full of energy and it is energy which drives our chakras and our five elements which form human body is alive because of energy.

Now we will consider seven major chakras and take forward our discussion based on the same. since it is known when there is a lack of energy or negative energy flowing in different body chakras, problems or issues arises. Now the question is How do we know that its time to heal our chakras ?

we need to know briefly that what seven chakras are responsible for and their association with our life.

root-chakra-lam-mantra-chanting First Chakra Root Chakra which is our base chakra. Colour of this chakra is Red. When Root Chakra is Imbalanced you might experience problems related to materialistic comforts, all which are associated with earth energies like relationships, money, job, security issues, jealousy and negative emotions.


Second Chakra is Sacral Chakra Associated with Orange colour and is responsible for our emotional, pleasures. If this is imbalanced either you become  insensitive and selfish or over emotional, fear based thoughts, lack of enjoying small pleasures of life etc.


Third Chakra is solar plexus associated with yellow colour and responsible for stamina, energy, confidence, courage, liver, stomach related issues. If this chakra is imbalanced person might be facing low confidence issues, work performances, lack of stamina, fear, ego etc. Sometimes it is necessary to understand that a single issue might not be due to related chakra but may be due to blocked energy in different chakras, so consult us for identifying cause.


fourth chakra is Heart Chakra, associated with green colour and is responsible for unconditional love, receiving and giving love, accepting self and others. If this chakra is imbalanced person might face many issues as this chakra balance materialistic and spiritual life so it can block the energies related to other chakras also.


Fifth Chakra is Throat Chakra associated with blue colour and responsible for communication, expressing, will power, thymus glands etc. If this chakra is imbalanced person lacks communication skills, anger issues, abusive language issues, will power issues etc might be felt.


sixth chakra is Third Eye chakra responsible for our concentration, intuition and psychic powers. if this chakra is imbalanced, person faces hallucinations, confusion, wrong decisions and many more serious issues can be faced.


Seventh is Crown Chakra connects us with divine and universe. This chakra is also associated with faith, trust, happiness, positivity and enlightment.

Seven Body Chakras and Healing
Seven Body Chakras and Healing

     Now how to identify when healing is required ?.  Do You feel a change in your sleep patterns, Eating Patterns ?, Do you face fear based thoughts ?,  Do You face Health Issues ? or Your Face obstacles in your work, Unable to make decisions and things just go wrong and does not fall in place.  Or Any other Issue You are Facing is related to dis balancement of chakras or lack of proper Energy Flow.

This all Above are few listed points which can alarm you to consult a professional to heal your body chakras. There are many remedies available to heal, generate  flow of energy,  Filling in positive energy and much more.

So if You want to make a positive change and betterment in your life and want to live happy, Consult a Professional to identify a cause and get proper remedies and solutions for your chakras.


Written & Copyrighted By Monica Agrawal – Author 

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