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Spell Casting is often misunderstood by many people. Spell casting is ritual and process where we generate energies to manifest or wishes and desires. while white magick is always positive people consider it sometimes negative due to lack of knowledge. yes there are people in industry who are using negative magick in name of white magick so before you opt for spells , talk to your counsellor to understand what he or she is going to do for you. Monica Agarwal is Internationally Trained Spell Caster and We only Entertain Positive Spells Queries. white magic spells are often done with gentle energies of universe positive vibrations, angels and more. white magic is combination of candles, colours, oils, energy rituals and powerful manifestations.

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Love Spells are Effective Way of Generating love between two lovers where love is already present and been vanished due to some reasons. We cannot influence some one to marry you or love you, what we do in love spells are we generate energies from universe and take out love if present in sunconcious mind of person without effectiving any positivity so that if person loves you or meant for you will come back to you with his own free will.

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